PayPal Donation Pro

Below you will find some basic examples to show what is possible with this powerful plugin.

Note: All examples are in PayPal Sandbox mode, so they do not use real money. These example do not send emails.

Example 1 features:

  • One time donation of: $5.00
  • Purpose set to: “One time donation”
  • Item ID/SKU set to: “123”
  • PayPal Button set to: Donation with Credit Cards.

Example 2 features:

  • Monthly donation of: $10.00
  • After how many cycles should billing stop: Never
    (This means the customer will continue to get billed indefinitely)
  • Purpose set to: “Monthly Gift”
  • PayPal Button set to: Donation Size 2.
  • Title, Amount, and Currency set to display.

Example 3 features:

  • Monthly donation dropdown menu.
  • Dropdown menu has different amounts and billing periods (Options are: Day, Week, Month, Year)
  • Purpose set to: “Gift”
  • PayPal Button set to: Custom User Uploaded Image